• Understanding Your Grieving Heart After a Loved One's Death

    Begin the journey towards understanding your feelings of loss, sadness, anger and frustration after your loved one's death...

  • No one is ever ready to lose a loved one.  Whether their death was anticipated or sudden, we are never really ready for the pain, anguish, upheaval, and overwhelm that accompanies such a devastating event.

    You are now here looking for help.  And you've come to the right place.

    Mary Mac has been helping the bereaved for over 30 years to better understand their pain and gracefully empowers them to move toward emotional, spiritual and financial stability.

    Written in a loving tone as if Mary was sitting across from you, there is no better book to help you along this path.  Mary Mac shares her comprehensive book on the subject of grief to bring solace, comfort and understanding as you begin your journey through the grieving process.

    In her warm conversational style, she shares her own personal experiences and those of countless survivors she has counseled to make Understanding Your Grieving Heart After a Loved One's Death an invaluable resource that you will turn to time and time again on your road to stability and healing.

  •  Here you will learn:

    - The myths surrounding the grieving process
    - The emotional, physical, spiritual, social, intellectual and financial challenges of grief
    - How to deal with anger, fear, stress, loneliness, regrets and depression
    - How to handle your loved one's belongings
    - How grief affects your marriage
    - How to help children through the grieving process
    - How to balance the needs of family, friends and business colleagues with your own needs
    - What to do for yourself when holidays, birthdays, anniversaries come around
    - How to honor your loved one's memory

    Additionally, you will find:

    - The comprehensive list of national grief support organizations and 24 hour hotlines to locate help for yourself in your area
    - A list of over 175 books to help you through the grieving process, all personally reviewed by the author and categorized by need to make it easier to find what you are looking for.

    Learning more now about what you may encounter in the future will help alleviate unnecessary pain. Take this bold step to learn practical ways to help yourself through this difficult time. Begin this new journey here.


    "This sensitive, yet practical book helps to answer the many agonising questions posed by the bereft and suggests many strategies that may bring comfort. Mary is an American bereavement specialist who has written several books on the many aspects of death and loss.   The chapter on children's grief is especially illuminating, as is the section dealing with those agonising anniversaries of Christmas, Birthdays, etc.  A useful and thoughtful book with a great deal of genuine understanding of grief and much compassion."
    E.B. Daniels, The Compassionate Friends, United Kingdom
    "After debunking myths about the grieving process, that it lasts only a few months, Mary M. McCambridge (editor, The National Directory of Bereavement Support Groups and Services) traces the stages of grief (shock, denial, despair, renewal), manifestations (e.g. regrets, depression, anger, workaholism) and effects on marriage, children, friendship and work relationships in "Understanding Your Grieving Heart". Grieving readers will appreciate this warm, wise guide by an experienced bereavement counselor and crime victims' rights advocate."
    Publisher's Weekly, Nov 26, 2001
    "Understanding Your Grieving Heart After a Loved One's Death is an invaluable guidebook on how to offer comfort to the bereaved and is very highly recommended for personal, professional, the community library and grief counseling collections."
    Midwest Book Review, December, 2001
    "Very well done-informative, supportive. I highly recommend this book to all survivors and especially to those dedicated professionals in this field."
    M. Regina Asaro, MS, RN, Psychiatric Nurse/Consultant, Co-Author, The Military Widow
    "When we lose a loved one, we are in a wave of confusion and find it hard to deal with the new me - the person who has been changed unlike ever before because of death. We daily face new emotions, new kinks in our relationships and old myths that need to be discarded. How do we do it all? Mary shows us how to understand what is happening to us in our raw bereavement. This book is a practical guide to living life after the unthinkable happens to us. Mary has the gift to hold our hand and tenderly show us how."
    Alice J. Wisler, Editor, Tributes E-Zine Book Review, April, 2002
  • "My dear friend gave me this book after Paul died. I was devastated. I didn't pick it up for a long while, then one night at 2am when I needed it, it was there. I was so comforted by Mary's lovely way of writing. It's the perfect gift for anyone who has had a death of someone they loved."

    Elizabeth W.

  • "Out of all the grief books people bought us, this was by far the best one. It was straight to the point, yet so compassionate. It wasn't a few lines on a page, instead Mary told me like it is but yet in a comforting way, like I was sitting across the table with her. Thank you so much! I will share it with others."

    Timothy O.

  • "I went kicking and screaming into my grief. After my child's murder, I wanted to die. But this book helped me start to deal with it. I felt like Mary really knew what I was going through. I have a long way to go but this book was my beginning."

    Liz M.

  • "I spent so much time in the bookstore trying to find the perfect book for my friend. I chose this one because the others were either a few words on the page, or a text book of every type of grief imaginable including divorce. Death and divorce are not the same; one you want dead, the other you wish would be alive again! I chose Mary's since it was the perfect size, small chapters, not so overwhelmingly long. My friend couldn't praise it enough."

    Elizabeth W.