• Understanding Your Child's Grieving Heart

    Children need special care when grieving. This book is an invaluable resource to guide you in helping your child or grandchild navigate the painful and scary place they find themselves in.

  • It is not uncommon for young children and teens to experience the death of a significant loved one, perhaps a parent, sibling, even grandparent, friend or classmate.  But how we help them through this devastating experience will determine whether they grow into successful, emotionally healthy adults...or they will not.

    Too many families believe children bounce back if we only keep them into their routines, but sadly that isn't enough.  We must education ourselves as to what they are thinking and feeling and support them during their grief journey.

    So, if you are struggling with your own grief, can you imagine the confusion and frustration a young person must be going through who doesn't have the life or language skills you have.  Learn now...download for immediate access.


    I. Myths Behind the Grieving Process
    II. Stages of Grief
    III. Effects of Grief on Children
    IV. What Grieving Children Need to Know
    V. How Children Understand Death at Various Ages
    VI. Preparing Your Young Person for the Funeral And Memorial Service
    VII. What to Say / What Not to Say
    VIII. Helping Young Children Through the Grieving Process
    IX. Allowing Family and Friends to Help As You Comfort Your Children
    X. Holidays, Anniversaries and Special Occasions
    XI. Honoring Your Loved One
    XII. A Final Note
    XIII. Where to Find Help: Organizations for Those Grieving a Loved One’s Death
    XIV. Selected Bibliography

  • "I'm grateful I didn't listen to my family members who just thought my son would simply recover on his own. Mary's book taught me so many things I wouldn't have known otherwise. Just grateful for her knowledge."

    James O.

  • "I bought this when a student of mine was dealing with the death of his mother. He was disrupting the class and this book helped me learn about his pain. As a teacher, I recommend this to my colleagues."

    Meredith K.

  • "I purchased this book for a neighbor of mine who lost her husband. I didn't want her children to be neglected and misunderstood the same way I was when I lost my Dad early in life."

    Molly M.

  • "A friend of mine steered me to Mary's site and books. We needed help to understand our daughter, after our son was killed by a drunk driver. We are all devastated."

    Mary Q.