• Grieving a Loved One's Death After a Natural Disaster

    Whether there was a tornado, hurricane, tsunami, avalanche, flood, fire, lightening storm, or other disaster, the fierce power of mother nature killed someone you loved and it has left you numb.

    When someone dies or is killed as a result of a natural disaster, it can be so overwhelming to take in the sudden death and way they died.

    No one expects to get wrapped up in such an event.  No one  expects someone you love would die in this manner.

    We naturally think we will die someday when we're old and gray of an illness.  But, unfortunately, too many people, every day, lose their lives suddenly through acts of nature, even if they had done everything to prepare for them.

    Even if they were an expert skiier, the avalanche still consumed them without warning.  Even if they were the best swimmer, the rip tide sucked them in beyond their strength.  Even if they were simply driving to work and a flash flood came down the road where they were and engulfed the car.

    Life isn't always fair.  Actually it sucks sometimes and we wish we could have done something to help them when they were going through this. 

    But that's not the way it was to be.  It is now for you to remember them and take the time to grieve their death with tender loving care.

    Mary M. McCambridge