• Holiday Grief

    This is a special book dedicated to all those coming to terms with the loss of a loved one during the holidays...

  • After someone you love has died or was killed, Christmas time and year-end holidays can bring increased anxiety, stress, depression, loneliness and overwhelm. Filled with practical ideas to help you move through the holidays, Mary Mac lends her compassionate tone as she uplifts and encourages you during this difficult time of year.

    Also includes a special section dedicated to how to help the young people in your life during the holiday season. Partial proceeds from the sale of all Mary Mac's books supports the work of the Foundation for Grieving Children, Inc. (F4GC.com), the organization she created for the benefit of bereaved children and teens.

    Table of Contents

    Welcome, my friend..


    1. Helping the Little Ones in Your Life during Christmas/Holidays

    2. Support

    3. Christmas

    4. Christmas/Holiday Gatherings and Party Invitations

    5. Cleaning Your Home for Holiday Events

    6. Overnight Guests

    7. Christmas/Holiday Baking

    8. Christmas/Holiday Cards

    9. Christmas Tree Decorating

    10. Decorating Your Home

    11. Christmas/Holiday Gift Shopping

    12. Christmas/Holiday Gift Wrapping

    13. Christmas/Holiday Gift Sharing

    14. Christmas/Holiday Meal

    15. Ways to Include Your Loved One in Your Festivities

    16. Attending Christmas and Holiday Services

    17. Visiting the Cemetery/Place of Remembrance

    18. New Year's Eve/New Year's Day

    19. Taking Inventory/Creating a Game Plan for the New Year, a New Life

    20. Conclusion

    21. Next Steps

  • "After the death of one of our children, the first Christmas was turning out to be a nightmare. Everybody wanted something else. Mary's book helped me with great suggestions on how to handle all the expectations."

    Mae B.

  • "I didn't want to do anything for Christmas the first year after my wife's death but business required me to attend all the functions. I got some really helpful ideas on how to deal with all these invitations."

    Jim G.