• Foundation for Grieving Children

    Did you experience the death of someone significant in your life at a young age?  Perhaps as a teen?

    Was it a parent, sibling, grandparent, friend or classmate?  Were you as devastated as I was?

    In the USA alone, approximately 2.5 million deaths will occur each year, leaving millions of family members and friends to grieve their deaths.  If you conservatively consider 5-10 younger people affected by each death, you can see how much of a need there is to help young people.

    So somewhere between 12,500,000 million or more young people are suffering with their own grief and if their family members don't provide the love, nurturing, understanding that they need, they, unfortunately, will go down a dark path emotionally and perhaps act out in a less than healthy way.

    Some resort to violence, gangs, alcohol and drug addiction, unintended pregnancies all as a way of regaining the family and love they need or numbing themselves to the pain.

    We help families to learn how to help their children and we provide guidance for the professionals who care for them.

    We are always looking for individuals who understand what these children/teens are going through. And if that's you, we'd welcome your best donation.

    You can learn more here.  We'd welcome your best donation!