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  • You're the leader.  The one with all the leadership skills.  The CEO, entrepreneur, executive who has all the answers.  The rock.

    You're the rock for your employees, rock for your spouse, rock for your children and family.

    But whose the rock for you?

    Chances are you're visiting here today because you've experienced the death of someone significant in your life. Perhaps your wife or husband has died leaving you with young children to raise. Perhaps a child has died devastating your family. Perhaps it’s a parent or sibling. It may have even been a business partner, colleague or senior executive which has caused upheaval in your company.

    Whatever the tragedy, your needs have not been met for a long time.  You've had to harbor your own grief because there was no one you felt safe to confide in.

    But that's all about to change...when we work together.


  • We must have walked around that lake a half dozen times and I never noticed. All I remember is that I felt safe to open up about all the burdens I was feeling for so many years. Somehow she just understood me and to this day I look upon my work with Mary as one of the most profound times in my life. Her guidance, compassion and wisdom were beyond my expectations.

    No one is like Mary...no one. William W.

  • Mary is the most experienced and understanding consultant I have had the pleasure to work with... she helped me get back on track after a family tragedy - I couldn't have made it back to my business without her....

    Brilliant! Sheila L.

  • Because you have major responsibilities at the office or running your own business, chances are you’ve not allowed yourself to grieve their death. It might be that you’re so busy insuring your financial health (and especially in this economic climate that is indeed a top priority) but you’ve not given yourself permission to grieve yet.

    It also might be that you’ve made the mental wellness of your family, colleagues and employees your top priority because that’s what you believe is the need right now, but you have not allowed yourself the same loving kindness and care you give to them.

    The difficulty with these scenarios is that at some point when that cart you’re pushing holds one too many bricks, it will collapse.

    Each time you set aside your own needs in favor of work, family, obligations of others, etc. you add one more brick to your cart. And at some point, your physical body and mental health will push back and it’s not always pretty.

    When you don’t care for yourself, it can lead to physical ailments and mental health challenges so severe that the recovery needed will be far beyond what it could have been had you been more gentle with yourself.

    Now is the time to take a step back and look at what it is YOU need.

    Sure you and your family can go to the EAP for a few sessions if your company has such a plan. And sure you can go each week, sometimes for years, to a psychologist or psychiatrist who is not always skilled in the field of grief and you wind up telling your story over and over and they’ll be happy to take your money and push anti-depressant and anti-anxiety drugs on you which only make you feel worse, masking your pain.

    And since your needs are so much different than others, you won’t feel comfortable in the local bereavement group sitting in a circle telling your story each month, or attending a six-session gathering at a church or synagogue.

    Someone with your level of responsibility wouldn’t feel comfortable sharing their intimate details there. You need someone who understands the needs of high-level executives and has a track record of keeping conversations highly confidential.

    So…who am I?

    I’m an individual who have experienced the severe deaths of too many individuals in my life. From drunk driving deaths, to cancer, heart disease, complications of diabetes and other illnesses, accidents, to murder.

    For 30 years I have been helping individuals just like you better understand what was happening after the death of a loved one.

    I’ve privately coached and counseled high level executives and business owners, many who happen to be men, by providing a safe space in which to grieve.

    Women may have girlfriends whom they feel safe with and, therefore, can open up about the truth of their pain.

    Yet men rarely have this advantage. They are not accustomed to this level of pain and rarely have another man who can cope or advise them when tragedy strikes, unless they know someone who also has dealt with this type of agony.

    They cannot confide in their wives because the man is the protector, her knight in shining armor, the one with all the answers. And it’s painful to realize they might not have all the answers to get them through this tragedy.

    Also, executive men and women are careful whom to confide in because they cannot appear weak at that level in business. And that is where I come in.

    Everything we speak about never leaves me. My greatest gift to you is my ability to hold your pain for you and all the secrets that go with it. No one will ever know about our connection unless you choose to share it.

    Our goal is to meet one-on-one in a safe space where whatever emotions you have can come up and you will never be judged. We will develop a gameplan that will help you in your daily life and we will work together for six months connecting through emails and via phone so I can help you stay on track and answer your questions as you move forward.

    You will have the time to release all the frustration, pain, anger, loss that you have held inside in an effort to make it ‘right’ for everyone else while still trying to do your job, carry on your responsibilities to your family, and somehow act like you are ok, when deep inside you know you’re teetering at the edge.

    You know this state and façade you portray each day cannot go on forever. Trying to escape through excess amounts of food, alcohol, shopping, sleep and other things only help temporarily.

    So if you are ready to take time for you - time to deal with your own pain in a safe place, I’d like to help you.

    Contact me by filling in the form in the blue box above and we will have an initial confidential twenty-minute consultation.

    Don’t wait any longer. Do this for yourself. Take Control Now!