• Grieving a Loved One's Death After an Accident

    Every day, accidents occur which take the lives of those we love. 

    Whether it's a car crash, a tree that happens to land on a car, a plane that malfunctions and crashes killing all on board, or perhaps a boating accident, the pain of losing someone so close to you in an instant is unfathomable.

    Sudden death is not expected.  We go through life somehow believing that things like that happen to other people, not us.

    While we have no idea how we will die, somehow we don't think it should be this way. 

    Yet when that call comes, or you, unfortunately, learn of the event via the media, you are never prepared.  And how could you be?

    And if you survived this accident and another you were with did not, you may be feeling anxiety and sadness and wondering why you are here and they are not. 

    You may also need to work with the police, insurance, lawyers, other authorities with regard to how your loved one died and this complicates your grief. 

    But even if you are dealing with outside officials, it is wise to keep your focus on your emotional health.  Just because these things are happening around you, and it can be easy to spend so much time with lawyers and others, you must give yourself the time you need. 

    It may seem easier to put your grief 'on hold' but ultimately you will need to experience this pain and loss, to mourn, and better to do so now.

    Mary M. McCambridge


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